Chronic eczema the back of the hands

I had been suffering from eczema at the back of both of my hands for the past ten years. In the winters they cracked, itched and bled. I had tried all the skin specialists, topical applications, steroids without any permanent effects.  A friend suggested me to have a consultation with Dr. Alok. Via skype the consultation was easy & I could do it remaining at home. The medicines he prescribed did a remarkable job.  Although I was skeptical that this eczema was going to return.  But now, after two years of treatment, I am still waiting for the eczema to return.

D.C., France

Depression and phobias

When I met Dr. Alok Kumar for the first time, I had reached a point in my life where I just didn’t know if my problems would ever be solved and I was confused how to get further. I was suffering from various kinds of fears, depressions and I couldn’t bear myself anymore. There were also some scary thoughts coming quite often to my mind bothering my daily life and I didn’t know how to get rid of them. It was a serious burden to live with these dark thoughts.I was very skeptical and hesitating to talk about it to anyone (I think this was part of my problem) and to Dr. Alok. But his way of talking to me was very serene and discreet. Once the consultation began, I felt very comfortable talking about my fears and depressions. The thing that impressed me was his grounded approach in which he did not give me any false curing ideas but told that If I cooperate and keep a very close look on the symptoms, in due time we together can hit the right remedy and shall be successful to get rid of  the problems.We communicated by email and Dr. Alok asked me various questions not only about my fears but also about physical symptoms which was surprising to me. I came to know that there is a deep connection between our thinking and its effect on our body.  The homeopathic medicine he prescribed me relieved me from these fears and depressive thoughts. My head became much “lighter” and these unpleasant thoughts had lost their power and even disappeared.  I was surprised to see the low cost of these medicines and the small granules & the big wonders it did to me.  It was amazing. In addition to this, I became much better, confident about myself and joyful thanks to the homeopathic medicines and to the help of Dr. Kumar.

V. B., Czech

Cryptotetany, PMS & Depression

I was about 36 years old, when doctors discovered a very troublesome disease named cryptotetanie. This includes that there is a hypersensitivity of muscles and nerves. As a result, even cutting with a scissor was very painful for my fingers. Moreover, I had pains in my intestines and in the muscles around my heart. I was suffering from very strong menstrual pains.  But there was not much that doctors could do to help me. At that time I also went to a homeopathic doctor who was quite good and could cure a few other physical inconveniences, but these pains she couldn’t handle.  Thank God I met Alok Kumar, a terrific homeopath. His approach was really unique: He asked me all about my physical complaints in a very detailed way. It was very interesting to observe that homeopathy has a lot to do with the personality of the person. I came to know that for the same problem in a group of people, one can get a different medicine.
Alok gave me a medicine which did not only make the pains disappear, but moreover it took away the inner tension. As a result I was free from pains, and at the same time I felt emotionally much better. I can’t express how thankful I am. I also believe that it is through his genuine concern for his patients (one really feels that he wants to help people) and a drive from the heart and soul that he can manage to handle any “difficult” disease.

V., Belgium

Pain in right lower lung, Depression, PMS, Tiredness, Cyst in ovary

For a very long time I had been suffering from tiredness for which there was no medical cause found. Recently I developed bronchitis for which I was given antibiotics. The Bronchitis went but I suffered from tremendous pain in my lower right chest for which no cause was found. All investigations were done without any result. I had already been suffering from constant tiring pains in the right shoulder, chest, and right hip. I had severe pains and overpowering sadness before menses. I felt as if I was limping while walking, because of the pain. Due to constant misery and no help from any other medications I decided to go meet Dr. Alok.
After listening to every complaint carefully & patiently he prescribed me one by one homeopathic medicines which cured my problems. I was also asked to observe the symptoms very closely so that it is helpful for a right homeopathic prescription. He asked me the finest details of the problems. Not only physical complaints and energy improved drastically but I felt very positive also. The pain was affecting my daily routine so badly that I had to stay at home many days and miss my work.  Now all complaints have disappeared, thanks to homeopathy. His observation was so fine and deeper that it helped me to know myself deeper. I am still surprised that these sweet granules, can work upon so many problems at a single time, so powerfully.

S., Belgium

Burnout & Depression

After a burnout I started swallowing anti-depressants for 5 years to enable me to keep going at work.  I could function but also suffered from side-effects from those pills, gained 10 kilos and felt as if I lived in a grey world, all emotions were dull, etc… Several attempts to stop did not succeed, symptoms came back and I could hardly function.   In the summer of 2011 I started to diminish the intake of anti-depressants again, for about three months, until I was about at 1 pill every three days.  At that time I broke a bone in my foot which had to be plastered.  As I had to stay home I decided to stop taking the anti-depressants entirely.
Due to complications with my foot, I had to remain home and was actually feeling pretty well without these annoying symptoms.  After that period I started working again, in unpleasant circumstances, I must say.  We worked in a basement without windows or daylight.  After twho weeks I felt the depression coming up again and reacted quite panicky.  I did not want to go back to those pills, certainly not only to be able to function at my job.  At wits end I contacted Alok Kumar and told him my story.  He asked me many questions for two hours and prescribed me a couple of homeopathic products.  Beyond all expectations, after about three weeks, I felt completely well, and even asked for a transfer at my job so that I could avoid the basement. I had asked that already several times but I never got a positive answer.  This time they granted me the transfer, I do not suffer of depression anymore and am overjoyed that I do not have to swallow the antidepressant junk anymore.  One often rejects homeopathy as a form of self suggestion.  I am convinced that this is not the case and from now on take care of myself with this form of medicine.  Anti-depressants muffle the symptoms but do not cure the disease.  I am grateful to Alok Kumar for his treatment and advise everybody to enjoy the same advantage.  One more thing, anti-depressants are very expensive, and only partially reimbursed by health insurance, while it does not heal; homeopathic medicines are much much cheaper and HEAL!!!

B. G., Luxembourg


From my childhood years I was sick regularly with a condition that was usually labelled ‘nose-throat-ear’.  Every time I had high fevers, after a while my tonsils and nose polyps were removed. At the age of sixteen I was operated at the sinuses.  For years I rook medication which one had to adjust time and again for stronger dosage.  It got me under the skin and my growing up started to suffer from it. After the sinus operation I was well for a while, but gradually the infections returned which finally resulted in more surgery, this time burning off the nasal mucosa. Through an unlucky incident with my late father in-law I came into contact with homeopathy and osteopathy: an unknown way to heal or to help you get rid of your pain.  I must say that the homeopathic granules work very well also thanks to my life style.  The homeopath that treated me in the past came at a dead end, he lacked depth, which I found with Alok Kumar.  The conversations are a hit and dig very deep in the past for possible causes that may have brought about the disease. I feel very much helped by Mr. Kumar and hope to completely ban the sinusitis with cluster headaches after a while. A man with lots of patience, knowledge and wonderful decisions that make life bearable.

C.A., Belgium


In December 2010 I suddenly got an attack of redness and swellings in the region of my eyes.  In that period it was bitter cold so I thought that it was a reaction against the big temperature difference.  However, it kept getting worse, it started to itch and flake.  It spread to other places in my face and neck.  Nothing helped.  I asked advice to Dr. Alok Kumar after I first went on a consultation with mu allopathic general practitioner.  My doctor diagnosed eczema.  Alok Kumar asked many question about the sensations that were caused by the eczema, physically and psychologically.  It gave me the impression that the disease also could have a psychological cause.  He asked if something radical had occurred in the past time.  That was indeed the case; my father had had a heavy heart attack and an open heart operation for which we feared for his life.  It had really touched me deeply as the episode had also caused tensions in the family.  It turns out that because of the shock I suddenly had an allergic reaction to certain substances in the day cream I used.  Based on the answers to my questions Dr. Kumar found the right homeopathic medicine.  After three treatments I got rid of the eczema completely.  After more than a year now, it has not returned.

G. N., Belgium

Post traumatic memory loss

Ten years back while working on my roof at my home, I slipped and fell on the back of my head. I was unconscious and brought to the hospital. By God’s grace there was no injury found in the brain in the investigations. Soon I was discharged but I observed that I had become very slow in my perceptions and understanding. My memory for acute things was drastically affected. My daily life and job was becoming so difficult.  I consulted many neurologists and many specialized drs. without any effect. There was a lot of money invested in the investigations like CAT scan and MRI. But nothing was found abnormal in my brain. I suffered from this short term memory loss for the last 8 years. Fortunately, I met Dr. Alok on a trip to Italy.  He prescribed me one homeopathic drug  which surprisingly brought back my memory. I could not believe how fast these pills have helped me. More surprising is how these small pills can work so effectively? Thank you Dr. Alok for your great help. I wish that you may also help others with complicated problems with these wonderful pills. Good luck.

J., Canada

Tendinitis and fear to go in to the public places

Since my childhood I have this fear to go into public places. I never had been comfortable until I started taking the treatments of Mr. Alok. I was surprised to feel that this fear was gone. Otherwise I thought to live with this for the whole of my life. Not only the fear disappeared but the pain in my hip (tendinitis) also disappeared for which I met Dr. Alok.
Thank you.

V. M., Belgium


Chronic indigestion, anxiety, varicose veins, PMS

For the past 10 years, I had always anxiety in my stomach and drinking water was hell for me. It used to ache after water. I had frequent diarrheas for which I had been taking many western medicines without any relief. Thanks to my friend who proposed me to meet Alok Kumar. Since I am under his treatment all my problems have vanished. I am normal now. I can function normally now. Recently I developed pain in my varicose veins for which the doctor advised me to go for operation which I did not want. With Dr. Alok’s homeopathic medicines there are no pains and I can function normally.

S.T., Belgium

Ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis

Since around the age of 14 I have suffered from colitis ulcerosa (inflammation of the large intestine). It has flared up at various times in my life, but I have also had long periods without symptoms. After a serious flare-up around seven years ago, I managed to keep the symptoms under control only by the use of prednisolone enemas. The inflammation is worst in the last part of the large intestine and can also be referred to as proctitis. I made several attempts to stop using prednisolone, but the symptoms would always return.  More recently I have also had several recurrences of uveitis (inflamation of the eye), an extremely painful condition that each time fortunately cleared up after a few weeks’  treatment with steroid eye drops. Uveitis is believed to be linked to colitis ulcerosa.

The flare-ups of both colitis and uveitis were often associated with particularly stressful events in my life, emotionally and materially. I have tried various alternative therapies, but did not feel that any of these, including one homeopathic doctor, ayurveda and bioresonance therapy, led to any improvement in my symptoms.  I have always found that diet is important and particularly in my case, I found that cutting out or reducing as far as possible the following has proved helpful for me: carbohydrates, dairy products, fried and ready prepared or fast food. A healthy diet with protein, lots of fruit and vegetables (cooked in winter) works well for me.   However, during the serious flare-ups, diet alone was not enough and then I would resort to traditional treatments with prednisolone. However, aware of the potential side effects of long-term use of such medication (osteoporisis being one) and the inconvenience of transporting enemas when travelling, I was keen to stop using these.

Friends recommended that I go to Dr. Alok Kumar during a particularly strong flare up and difficult moment in my life. Since almost a year, I no longer take any medication and have not had a flare-up of either colitis or uveitis. It is my sincere belief that the homeopathic treatment prescribed by Dr. Kumar has been responsible for this improvement and my ability to stop taking the medication. Dr. Kumar has also helped me to take courageous steps in my life and to have a more positive attitude. Dr. Kumar is always professional and genuinely cares for his patients. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.

I also strongly recommend the daily practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Since Mr. Kumar is also a follower of the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, his insights and ability as a homeopath are particularly trustworthy.

V., Belgium

Asthma of 25 years

About 18 month ago I went for a consultation with Alok Kumar.  This was not so obvious as I had had bad experiences with homeopathy.  After I had met Alok once, I told him that for me nothing works anymore.  He answered: “so then don’t trust me but never lose hope. There is always a cure for every disease provided the treatment is proper”. I waited a few more months before I made an appointment with him. The first consultation with homeopaths is always long and annoying. Alok Kumar made me feel comfortable but kept on asking questions until he finally he had a picture of me.  To start with he gave me very low potency medicines and amazingly I could bear them and they worked.  I thought it was fantastic.  After one month the next consultation came up.  He evaluated my condition and gave other granules, these again worked.  Since then I could contact Mr. Kumar via skype.  Every time there were problems I contacted him, he evaluated my condition and every time I received other medication as if layer after layer was peeled off. I was never nauseous or sick of the medication, every time it helped.  After a year still many problems were left and I still took my allopathic medicines.  But then, I went for another consultation with Mr. Kumar and he gave me a fantastic medicine, my pains disappeared, my asthma reduced spectacularly and after a while I could also reduce the amount of my allopathic medicines significantly.  Thanks to this reduction my nausea and headache, migraine, and the ball in my stomach disappeared.  And my digestive problems are reducing, I became another person; There was tremendous joy in me, it was fantastic to experience life like that.  I keep contacting Dr. Alok for a while so that the last bits may hopefully disappear.

L., Belgium


Bladder prolapse

Recently I got injured when I fell from a bike and my right knee was wounded. I met my house doctor. Fortunately there was no fracture. After taking painkillers it was better. But in three weeks I started developing swelling with a lot of pain. I was not feeling like taking painkillers so I was searching to take homeopathy. My friends suggested to meet Alok Kumar. He gave me a homeopathic remedy and I was astonished that overnight the pain and swelling was reduced so much that I could sleep properly.  With that speedy recovery I thought to tell him about my bladder problem. I had been suffering from a prolapsed  bladder for the last 10 years. It is a very irritating feeling. Dr. Alok, after a very thorough talking, asked me about all other problems (emotional) also. After taking the remedy within a week, many of my emotional problems as well as my prolapsed bladder was healed. I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Alok for avoiding the operation and treating my emotional state also.

S. I., Belgium

Hyperthyroidism & struma

I am suffering from Hyperthyroidism and a swelling in my thyroid. My mother who is a regular patient of Dr. Alok, proposed me to go for my problems. My emotional state was terrible. I came to know that homeopathy can work on the emotional state also. My boyfriend had just ditched me and I was struck by a deep sadness. I am a person who is quite reserved. But when I started talking to Dr. Alok, I was very comfortable. I could tell my problems without any hesitation. His medicine had a very positive impact upon my emotional state the same evening. Surprisingly the next morning I felt that I could easily swallow the food. Within a week the size of my thyroid had visibly reduced. Most of all I am emotionally more stable. Thank you very much Dr. Alok.

L.K., Belgium

Epilespy, IBS, Food Intolerances, Insomnia, Acne, palpitations with anxiety, Depression, Lipoma, PMS, Phobias, Tiredness

I cannot describe in detail the whole pool of problems that I have had. For the past 10 years I am suffering from , pain in my intestines, menstrual pains, depression & I am regularly taking medicines for epilepsy. After the treatment of Dr. Alok (homeopathy), I do not need to take the medicines for all except epilepsy (which Dr. Alok suggested me not to withdraw without the consent of my Neurologist). I suffered from many phobias along with depression after the birth of my last baby. After the treatments I am much more myself. My level of confidence has increased. My physical problems are almost finished. The medicines worked so fast that it is hard to believe. Now I can face my phobias without any antidepressants or any homeopathic medication. Within three months I am a different person. I can sleep normal now. Moreover my weight is reduced by 10 kilo which had increased after taking antidepressants. My behavior to my son is normal. My fatigue is gone. My menses were a nightmare. Now they are normal. My intolerances and food allergies have disappeared. My friends are surprised. I would seriously recommend Dr. Alok and homeopathy to everyone.

M.K., Belgium

Migraine for 25 years

I am 52. I had been suffering from these terrible headaches since around my puberty, every week twice. It had become an inseparable part of my life. I think I had tried all possible ways (painkillers, homeopathy, ayurveda, Chinese, herbal, prayers, yoga etc.) present on this earth to get rid of these headaches but I was unsuccessful. Some friend suggested me to try homeopathy with Mr. Alok. I was not over the top to meet him, because of the previous experiences.  Well, I could not refuse my friend & I visited him. He prescribed me something which I took just once and I must say I had to wait for two weeks for the headache to come back. I slept so deeply, that I cannot remember when I slept so deep. My appetite had improved, my interest of music came back after 25 years. In two weeks I had the headache back. So I had to repeat the medicine next week (which I forgot). But this time the headache was lighter than the last time. I kept on following the instructions via skype and emails. I am full of gratitude for this amazing help by Dr. Alok. I asked him why homeopathy did not work before? He said:  Because the medicine was not the right one.

C.J., Belgium


I have been suffering from Psoriasis for the past year. It is incurable as I have been told by a skin specialist. But recently my fiends suggested me to meet Alok Kumar and try homeopathy. It grew worse recently after the breakup with my boyfriend and the creams were not helping. Dr. Alok prescribed me homeopathic medicines and they worked within three weeks magnificently. My terrible itching is almost finished and the patches are going away. I am still under treatment. I am sure now that it will be cured with homeopathy.

A.M., Belgium

Warts, asthma allergies

My son who is 12 years old, had been suffering from asthma for the last 5 years. He was expected to take steroids for the whole of his life. He gets irritable very easily and he is a very emotional, obstinate child. With the homeopathic treatment of Alok Kumar, for the previous three months he did not develop any attack of asthma (which were very frequent in a week). His warts in the hands have disappeared. With the help of the medicines I have observed a very positive change in his behavior. His allergies and sensitivity to get chilled has reduced now. I am a dietician. I would recommend Homeopathy to everyone.

C.F., Belgium

Frozen shoulder, Menopausal syndrome, Depression, Overpowering fatigue, Chronic Indigestion

Just after stopping contraceptive pills I started developing a lot of heat in my body. For which I consulted Mr. Kumar. During the consultation I had to explain him all my chronic problems (of 10 years duration) also. I felt weird because I wanted the treatment only for menopausal symptoms. Later I came to know that it is essential for homeopathic prescription.  During the treatment I felt a general improvement in my health. My menopausal problems went away and my shoulder was much better. My digestion went better. My desire to work grew better and I felt happier.

M.V.S., Belgium
Gout and arthritis, Indigestion

I had been suffering from gout for the last 10 years. The attacks of pain & misery came very often at least once a month. There seemed to be only one solution: pain killers and wait until the attack was gone. Along with gout, my right knee hurt badly because of arthritis. I had indigestion also, I was full of gas. But now after the treatment with Alok Kumar I am cured. I am free of pain. Thank you.

M.A., Belgium

Chronic atopic eczema with depression

I have had atopic eczema for the last 7 years. I have suffered from depression which overpowered me after the death of a loved family member. Oh!! What a dark feeling it was. I rejected antidepressants because it made me very sleepy during the day also and I was very lethargic. I was allergic to pollens and other allergens. All medicines that I have taken had very little impact upon my skin.  I did not know that this sadness in my heart had such a bad impact upon my health and the eczema burst up whenever I had some emotional moments. My skin was very sensitive to the sun and being near to cat and dogs was hell for me. I am so thankful that I met Alok Kumar. Right from the first dose of medicine I felt the impact directly upon my skin and emotional status. I am much more stable emotionally and my skin is less sensitive to the allergens. I can bear more sun and the eczema is almost gone.

S.R.,  Czech Rpublic

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