Mothers and Babies

Mothers and babies:

Homeopathy is a great friend of mothers during all the stages of pregnancy: before the conception; during pregnancy; during the delivery; just after the delivery; and during the bringing up of the children.

To become pregnant and to become a mother is one of the most blissful events in a woman’s life.  Homeopathy helps beautifully and softly to ensure that these moments are enjoyed in a healthy way. Women usually respond well to homeopathic prescribing during pregnancy better than at any other time. It is often possible to cure them of various chronic ailments during pregnancy, which may have been impossible to do before pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a highly dynamic state and the female body goes through so many changes. So many things are happening in your body to make sure that the baby is safe. This is the best state to treat a woman homeopathically, because the body expresses itself in the form of many symptoms, which can give a clear picture to a homeopath. If grasped correctly, in many cases not only problems for the child can be prevented but also the mother can get rid of many problems.

The following list comprises categories of pregnant women who can have very favorable results with homeopathy.

A. The woman who had/have challenging pregnancies :

  • who had Postpartum depression
  • who had extreme fatigue during previous pregnancies;
  • who had long intensive morning sickness;
  • who previously had difficult deliveries or C-section
  • who had miscarriages

B. who is suffering from chronic diseases e.g. Diabetes

C. who are suffering from chronic lumbago

D. who had painful varicose veins

E.  who is suffering from IBS

F.  whose children had congenital abnormalities, or a baby with down syndrome

G. who already has children suffering from asthma, allergies, autistic spectrum

H. who suffered from chronic infections

During Pregnancy :

You can be helped very well with homeopathy for the following complaints:  morning sickness; fatigue; loss of appetite; insomnia; emotional troubles etc. Any chronic disease from which you suffered before pregnancy can be significantly helped by homeopathic medicines in the course of the pregnancy.

During the delivery:

It sometimes happens that a delivery gets complicated if there are not enough contractions and if the due date has passed. Additionally, one can develop panic attacks, the delivery can be very painful, there is a lot of blood loss, the placenta retains etc. Homeopathy can help you wonderfully in all these complaints during the delivery.

After the delivery:

Some women can develop depression after the delivery, or start suffering from weakness, fatigue, a tedious recovery, painful nipples during feeding, not having sufficient milk etc. Homeopathy cures these complaints very smoothly.

New born baby:

If your baby is suffering from recurrent infections, colics, indigestion, allergies etc.   homeopathy addresses all these complaints.

I would like to meet you during your pregnancy so that you can enjoy these moments without any complaints.

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