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My name is Dr. Alok Kumar. I am registered with the Maharashtra council of Homoeopathy, Mumbai India.  agra

I was born in 1978, in Kanpur, India. In 2001, I graduated from Agra University in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.), a 5.5 year long study. I did my medical internships in a government hospital in Kanpur, after which I had a flourishing private homeopathic practice in Kanpur.

After practicing successfully for 6 years, I shifted to Mumbai to work in a private hospital as a medical officer. In 2007 I shifted to Belgium after marrying my wonderful wife. I followed the dutch language course in the university of Ghent and received the diploma (level 5). I continued to practice homeopathy.

Though in India, a homeopath is considered a regular doctor, my medical degree was not given equivalence in Belgium. I appeared into the exam conducted by VLIR to let my degree be recognised. I was successfull in the exam but still I was asked to study a few years in the university of Ghent.  Given the choice between studying classical medicine three more years and continuing my homeopathic practice, I chose for the latter and discontinued my studies from the university of Ghent, Belgium.

I recently moved to India.  I currently have my practice in Navi Mumbai and also offer online consultations to patients from across the globe.

Homeopathy taught me that human beings are integrated products of physical, mental, emotional, sociological aspects. Homeopathy taught me a lot about human nature and how the emotions, believes and fears rule us and play a very vital role in the disease process. Homeopathy is a passion for me!

A disease cannot only be a product of the susceptibility of a micro-organism, but is rather the result of many invisible factors. Many diseases of modern man can have their origin very deep in his psyche.  A good homeopath approaches a human being in his/her totality and takes all reasons and causes of diseases into consideration.

pic04My vision:

The western scientific community is suffering from over intellectualization.  I feel that today the western intellect and western science should be reconciled with the wisdom of the east, otherwise the problems in the west will remain unsolved.The ancient medicinal systems as Ayurveda, homeopathy, the Chinese system of medicine, osteopathy etc. should go hand in hand with modern science. But we need to do unprejudiced research, in view of integrating all medicinal systems. Every medicinal system is incomplete. All systems are complimentary to each other. Ignoring one another is a blunder.

I am committed to help you with this wonderful system of medicine. In everyday practice I continue to be impressed and privileged to observe the great healing ability of the human body and mind.

Looking forward to hear from you.

The root of all health is in the brain.
The trunk of it is in emotion.
The branches and leaves are the body.
The flower of health blooms
when all parts work together.”
–  Asian folk wisdom –

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