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The ability to give birth to a new life and nurture it is given only to woman. Today’s woman has a challenging life with multiple roles to play.

 Welcome to homeocare

Online homeopathic consultant  

Welcome to the world of homeopathy.

Homeocare is my attempt to reach out to patients across the globe to cure them in the most effective way.
                Dr. Ronak Patel

After practicing for 20 yrs in Mumbai India and successfully curing various illnesses, acute and chronic, I had patients asking for homeopathic treatment for their family & friends from different parts of the world. I started coordinating through e-mails and phone calls. However, I realized that a more organized structure was required for offering the best homeopathic treatment to them. As you know necessity is the mother of invention. That’s how I decided to go online. This has broken the barrier of time and distance between me and my patients. Through this online system you will be able to post your disease condition in details through a well designed questionnaire, share your lab findings, chat live, send e-mails, post pictures, videos, for supporting the treatment. Once case study is complete medicines will be couriered to you at your doorstep.

Thanks to the internet, my website will be available 24X7 to receive your complain & I will be working closely with you to improve your health.


He also complained of recurrent numbness and soreness of throat felt more so in the morning and on exposure to cold air. There was a small wart on face and hairfall owing to the botox injections taken.




Patient got quite anxious about his complaints, as he was told that by the ophthalmologist that there was ascertainable cure for his ailments.

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